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  1. Beautiful Website Archives
    A great article by Apple designer and CSS guru Jina Bolton on some innovative and great archive pages. Too often WordPress theme designers don’t pay attention to the details of the theme like archives, so this should serve as some inspiration to rethink your archives pages. Leaving it to default styling is for beginners.
  2. Hack Together a User Submitted Comments Feed
    Here at WP Limits we are always looking for innovative ways to push the limits of WordPress. Well, Collis over at Envato has done exactly that. Take a look!
  3. Woo Themes Takes a Jab at WP Designer
    You won’t find a great tip or tutorial here, but if you have been following the WordPress community you are no doubt familiar with the untimely death of This ad from Woo Themes is taking advantage of that.
  4. Creating a WordPress Theme from Scratch
    NetTuts shows us how to create a very basic WordPress theme. It is probably the fastest introduction I have ever read.
  5. Designing for WordPress: Complete Series
    Looking for something more in depth then the last link? Well, then this is for you. There is a lot of content there (so much that I am going to end my weekly list right here), so take some time and really learn how to create a theme.

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