Navigation Tips: Suckerfish, Sliding Doors, and Breadcrumbs

  1. Sliding Doors Navigation with WordPress
    WordPress by default cannot support the infamous sliding doors technique, but with this simple change, you can create beautiful navigation to your hearts content.
  2. Sliding Doors + Sons of Suckerfish
    Last week we talked about Sons of Suckerfish and how to use them in a WordPress blog. Now we have an article detailing using sliding doors and Sons of Suckerfish (though this article is not WordPress specific).
  3. Breadcrumb Navigation for Categories
    A lot of magazine sites use categories as the main navigation to better separate content. We all know that for both SEO and usability breadcrumbs make a huge difference, so why not add them in for categories as well as pages? This article shows you how.
  4. Tips on Writing WordPress Tips
    Want to have your WordPress related content featured on mainstream blogs? Well, here is a list of the criteria to follow to make that happen. It is a great list on what mistakes to avoid when writing your WordPress tips.

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