Themes, Default Content, WP Coder, and Widgets

  1. How to Create a WordPress Theme From Scratch (Part 2) –
    Earlier we posted a link to creating a WordPress theme from scratch. Here is the next part in that great tutorial.
  2. Easier Theme Development with Sample WordPress Content –
    Want to thoroughly test your theme for every situation? This post details how you can create sample content to make sure that your theme covers every angle.
  3. WP Candy Launches WP Coder –
    As a bit of community news, the people behind WP Candy have launched WP Coder, a new PSD to WordPress conversion site. There prices look pretty good. If nothing else, the site design is worth looking at!
  4. Create a Widget Ready Footer in WordPress -
    Widgets are powerful. Too often people don’t use them to their full potential. Take a look at this post to learn a new way to use them in your footer.
  5. Displaying WordPress Categories as a Drop Down Menu -
    Often for a good magazine layout instead of using pages, you will use categories. This post shows how to create that navigation.

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