WordCamp, Carrington Theme, and Great Design

Over the weekend I was able to go to WordCamp Utah and hear some great talks. I will have a more detailed write-up coming soon. Our weekly resources post will feature a lot of information from those talks.

  1. WordCamp Utah Video Streamhttp://www.ustream.tv/channel/wordcamp-utah
    This has all of the videos from the conference. In particular check out Matt’s keynote address and Cameron’s talk on design. By far the best.
  2. Good vs. Great Designhttp://cameronmoll.com/speaking/wordcamp/
    Cameron Moll is a great designer and very well polished speaker. He has a lot of things to say on the topic of design, and being a great designer. The link is to his slide deck for the talk. You can view the video on the uStream channel linked to above.
  3. Carrington Themehttp://crowdfavorite.com/wordpress/
    Announced by Alex King of CrowdFavorite during his talk at WordCamp, Carrington is a new kind of theme. Or rather more of a theme framework. They have a lot of great features and an interesting new approach to theme development. Here is what Matt says about it:  http://ma.tt/2008/09/carrington/

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