Renamed and Rebranded

Over the past few weeks I have become more and more frustrated with the name “WP Limits”. The original idea a couple years ago was that I would write a blog that featured ideas on how to push the limits of WordPress, hence the name WP Limits (it made sense at the time).

Since then I didn’t blog as much as I would have liked, but did build up a reasonable Twitter following, and some traffic to the site. Since deciding to move into WordPress theme development I have felt the need for a new name that is easier to pronounce (the WP part trips off the tongue), more memorable, and most importantly, easier to brand.

So, with pleasure, I am introducing Legend. Or Legend Themes, as it will probably be more commonly known.

The logistics of the switch.

  • Company Names. I threw out a lot of ideas that I thought were good, but ultimately not great.
  • Domain Names. It is so frustrating how many good domain names are taken, but not actually used. The iPhone app Domain Scout was very handy for quickly checking if a name would work.
  • Twitter User names. Several options for good domain names didn’t have an open Twitter account. One that I really wanted hadn’t been used since 2007, and the owner didn’t respond to any contact attempts. Does anyone know if Twitter has a policy on removing old accounts?
  • The Re-design. It actually went very quickly. Once I had the name I ran through a couple quick concepts, settled on the one you see now, and had it coded within a few hours (I used the Refresh theme as a starting point, so coding was very fast).
  • Moving. The actual painful part was switching the site, old blog posts, theme demos, and everything else over to the new name and domain. It was mostly just tedious busy work. Though I am very glad I made the switch early, as it would have been twice as hard in another couple months.

Note: Sometime in the next few days the Twitter account @WPlimits will be switched to become @ThemeLegend @LegendThemes. I hope to give plenty of warning before hand so it isn’t too confusing.

What do you think?

Do you think I made the right choice in renaming the company?

5 thoughts on “Renamed and Rebranded”

  1. Twitter’s policy is that they won’t, unless there’s a clear case of trademark infringement (or something like that). I’ve run into the same problem with twitter account “squatters”. Usually just modify it the name slightly.

    1. Luckily I just came to an agreement with the owner of the account I really wanted. I’ll be acquiring the account for a reasonable price.

    1. Take a look now. That was when it still pointed to the previous owner, who I acquired the account from. Now is replaced by the @wplimits account.

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