How We Switched Twitter Usernames

A big part of changing names from WP Limits to Legend Themes was switching the Twitter account. I am never sure how much of a connection your Twitter followers actually have with a specific account. Would they notice if an account suddenly switched names? How much notice should you give?

Acquiring the New Name.

Once deciding on a new domain name I set out to find a Twitter username. It was quite surprising that the domain name was available, but @LegendThemes was not. Luckily I was able to contact the owner and negotiate a reasonable purchase price of $60. Because a Twitter account is free at first it seemed very foreign to pay for it (my wife’s response was “You paid how much for something that is normally free?”), but I think having the right name (especially at that price) is definitely worth it.

Have a Backup Option.

While I wasn’t sure if I could get @LegendThemes I checked every variation and @ThemeLegend was the only acceptable option available. This was quick to save by creating a new twitter account. I waited to announce anything on Twitter until I found out if I could buy my preferred choice.

Once I had the login information for the new account (after paying for it, of course) I made sure to change the email address and password, so that the account was fully in my control. Since Twitters password recovery option is through email it is very important that you change the email address.

Making the Switch.

On the @WPlimits account I made several posts, before and after, to let followers know I would be switching it over to the new name. Wait a while to give anyone time to respond. Then go into the newly purchased account and change the username. I just change it to @legendthemes2, then logged back into @wplimits and changed it to @LegendThemes. Simple.

Technically someone could have stolen the account for the 30 seconds it was exposed, but they would a) have to care about it, and b) know exactly when I was making the switch. Not much of a concern.

From there update the profile image and change the background (if needed), and the important part is done!

Final Details.

Because I didn’t want to lose any users and wanted to minimize any confusion I setup a new account at the now available @WPlimits which pointed to @LegendThemes. I also updated the @ThemeLegend profile to point users in the correct direction as well. The point is to just tie up any possible loose ends.

Have you ever had to switch Twitter usernames? Share your story or thoughts in the comments.

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