Top Sites for WordPress Information

This is the series of sites that I subscribe to in order to keep up on WordPress news and to always get better at working with WordPress.

WordPress Development & Announcements

  • Official WordPress Blog
    Jane Wells provides great updates on the development status, any new features being released, and also where you can jump in to help the project.
  • WordPress UI
    The WordPress UI group works here to discuss improvements to the software that are user interface related. You can get involved with the UI IRC chat on Thursdays at 2:00 PM Eastern.
  • WordPress Dev
    From here you can follow the status of the latest WordPress development projects. You can get involved with the main WordPress development IRC chat on Thursdays at 3:30 PM Eastern.
  • Matt’s Blog
    The founders blog is always a good place to stay up on WordPress announcements, plus he is a very interesting entrepreneur.
    The official site & forums for BuddyPress development. If you aren’t already using BuddyPress for a project you should be as it no longer requires an installation of WordPress MU.

Tips & Tutorials

  • Smashing Magazine on WordPress
    Smashing always puts out high quality articles and their WordPress posts are no exception.
  • NetTuts on WordPress
    Envato has a great section on working with WordPress, not updated too often, but definitely worth subscribing too.
  • WP Engineer
    Here you can get more technical tips as well as great previews for what is coming in the next version of WordPress.
  • WP Recipes
    Jean-Baptiste Jung’s blog on WordPress tips and tricks. He has some of the best simple tips to help you customize your WordPress blog.
  • Justin Tadlock
    I learned all about custom taxonomies and other great ideas from Justin. His blog is a must read for an advanced WordPress developer.
  • WP Candy
    This site hasn’t been updated lately, which is a shame, because their old content is really good and helpful.
  • Theme Shaper
    Ian Stewart is the creator of the Thematic framework and the Kirby theme which is the foundation of the new WordPress default theme 2010. His blog is great for tips and WordPress news.

WordPress MU

    Though mostly focused on WordPress MU, they have recently branched out to standard WP tips as well as lots of great resources on BuddyPress.
  • WPMU Tutorials
    Andrea and Ron are two of the most helpful members of the WordPress community. Their blog on WordPress multi-user is a must read!

There are many more WordPress tutorial sites out on the web that I didn’t list here. This is just the collection that I find valuable on a day-to-day basis. If you have suggestions of sites I should add let me know in the comments.

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