Leather: A Free WordPress Theme

This theme has been in the works for a few months, so I am very happy to have finally finished it, and get it ready for release. So enjoy this texture and font rich theme, that is most importantly completely free.

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A few quick features:

  • 100% GPL.
  • Supports Custom Menus (WordPress 3.0 Only).
  • Supports Featured Images (WordPress 2.9+).
  • Threaded commenting.
  • Dynamically loads Gravatars for comments.
  • Simple theme options page with a design that matches WordPress.


Update (August 26,2010): This theme was updated to version 1.1 to fix some issues brought up by John Levandowski in the comments. Thanks John!

8 thoughts on “Leather: A Free WordPress Theme”

  1. Like the theme. Couple of items to bring to your attention.
    1) there are .svn directories in the theme that should be removed before publishing, this will make the published theme much smaller
    2) in header.php there is no opening tag
    3) the search.php and searchform.php do not work correctly and display kinda weird

    Other than that it looks really great.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Could you elaborate on #2? What tag is missing? I don’t see it.

      I’ll get the other issues fixed and upload a new version.

  2. Under .vcard .fn in the CSS file, it might be better to set the ‘white-space: nowrap’ attribute to white-space: wrap. Set to ‘nowrap’ a really long name cuts across and interferes with the comment text, making both the responder’s name and their comment text difficult to read; plus, it just doesn’t look good when that happens.

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